Nieuws - 17 december 2009

News quiz 2009

What has gotten into us this year? What's significant and what's trivial in and around Wageningen UR? Resource looks back on 2009 with twenty questions in this quiz. Who was it who liked dock leaves? Jog your memory or take a peek at And win a dinner cheque worth100 euros.

The Amsterdam seagull

1. Damaged in 2009
a. The fibre experiment in Lelystad.
b. The entrance to the administration centre.
c. The clubhouse of Quercus.
2. 1.4 degrees Celsius
a. Professor Pavel Kabat predicts the temperature increase of the North Sea in 2020.
b. The realfeel temperature between Isric and ESG Director Kees Slingerland.
c. The proposed lowering of the temperature in Wageningen UR buildings for the sake of sustainability.
3. In search of traces of WO-II in Mariënborn. What was this part of?
a. The major course Forensic Science at VHL Leeurwarden.
b. The subject Historical Geography at Wageningen University.
c. The minor course Landscape History at VHL Velp.
4. Which course of study in Wageningen UR has the most students?
a. The Bachelor course Economy and Policy at Wageningen University. 
b. The Bachelor course Animal Husbandry and Management at VHL.
c. The Bachelor course Biology at Wageningen University.
5. Wageningen food experts have this to say about food supplements:  
a. excessive, since you die of one thing or another anyway.
b. necessary, since you die of one thing or another anyway.
c. sometimes necessary, but mostly excessive, since you die of one thing or another anyway.
6. There was no signature petition against:
a. the combined major at VHL.
b. the fence in Belmonte.
c. the academic career policy.
7. Group of lecturers and students who wish to preserve the Larenstein estate.
a. Nature Valley @ Larenstein.
b. Landgoed -> onderwijs Goed!
c. Larenstein Lovers :-).
8. Robot with a fancy for dock leaves:
a. Ruud.
b. Ronald.
c. Rob. 
9. Countries to avoid. In which country has Wageningen UR not carried out any research?
a. Zimbabwe.
b. Noord-Korea.
c. Myanmar.
10. Wageningen University provides shelter for Dutch students without housing.
a. In a holiday park in Hoenderloo.
b. None.
c. In tents in a camp at the Forum.
11. 'Skippen'
a. Following lectures via internet.
b. Eating out of supermarket waste bins.
c. Voting with multiple IP-addresses.
12. Five times number one in the Study Guide for Universities. What for?
a. The sustainable character of Wageningen University.
b. The ease of finding a room in Wageningen.
c. The atmosphere in the Wageningen organization.
13. Seagull in Amsterdam turned out to be:
a. dead anyway.
b. a giant albatros.
c. a goose.
14. The 'harde knip'
a. Discount card for the LEI canteen.
b. Castrating piglets without anaesthetics.
c. Bachelors first, Masters next.
15. Some students consider Larenstein:
a. a posh school in 't Gooi.
b. a wizards' castle in Leeuwarden.
c. an estate in Deventer.
16. Wants to play Mahler.
a. Henno van Horssen.
b. Mark Ooijevaar.
c. Frank Adams.
17. 'De Brulkikker'
a. A student apartment in Velp.
b. The mascot of Osiris student society.
c. A discovery by professor Joop Schaminée in Zwolle.
18. The body's own drugs are 'molecules of pleasure'. Who said that?
a. Guest lecturer Arnon Grunberg.
b. Professor Renger Witkamp.
c. Nutrition guru Michael Pollan.
19. 'Wageningen of course!'
a. Ronald Plasterk at the award of the  Spinoza Prize to Marten Scheffer.
b. Prime Minister Balkenende greets Aalt Dijkhuizen.
c. Gerda Verburg on the cause of Q fever.
20. Also in 2010.
a. The tropical greenhouse.
b. The canteen at KSV St. Franciscus.
c. Youth society Unitas.
How to participate
Send your answers before Monday 4 January 10 am to The participant with the most correct answers - lots will be drawn if necessary - wins a dinner cheque worth 100 euros in Restaurant O Mundo in Wageningen (or a similar restaurant anywhere else in The Netherlands).