Nieuws - 1 juni 2010

News in brief


Annual Academic Prize; VHL; Intensive livestock

Annual Academic Prize
David Lentink's team reaches final
The battle for the Annual Academic Prize for 2010 has begun. Five of the 27 projects, including David Lentink's team, have got through to the final round. The prize of 100 thousand euros is intended for the scientific research that has been made most accessible to the general public. Lentink equips people with high-speed cameras to record everything that flies, whether it be a bird, a bat, and insect or a winged seed. The images are published on the website And a documentary is being made about the film project. HW
Course director Van Haeren retires
Hans van Haeren is retiring from the post of course director for Garden and Landscape Design at VHL Velp from 1 August for health reasons. The demanding job has become too much in view of his health problems. Van Haeren will maintain his links with VHL and will help to further develop the collaboration between Wageningen University and the applied sciences university. AB
Intensive livestock
Discussion on Wageningen's contribution
The recent petition on intensive livestock exposed the differences of opinion among Wageningen professors. So what role should Wageningen UR play in this debate in society? There will be a discussion on this topic this afternoon in room C222 in the Forum, from 17.30 to 19.00. GvC