Nieuws - 17 maart 2005

New style graduation

The examinations committees have kept their word and made changes to the graduation ceremony. Those graduating in Wageningen no longer have to sit with their back to the auditorium, but now sit at an angle next to the professors, so they can see their family and friends. The personal talks given by the professors have improved, having more input from supervisors so that the professors at least give the impression of knowing something about the personal circumstances of the students. ‘At least we heard about what he’s been up to here,’ said a proud father after the ceremony. The student in the photo on the front page this week, Karst Kooistra, dressed up for the occasion, wearing a tailcoat. ‘It was nice that more was made of the ceremony, and we were lucky that we were a small group. All those people in gowns and the organ music accompaniment made it much more of a ceremony,’ as the new Master of Science put it. / JH