Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970

New points system

New points system

New points system

The study points system used by Wageningen University will change in
September 2004 to bring it in line with the European system for higher

Wageningen will go over from a 42-point per year system to a 60-point
system so that it falls under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS),
which requires a total of 180 points for a Bachelor degree. This will
require some mathematical juggling, as a conversion factor of 1.43 will be
used, and the university wants to retain whole study points. It is possible
that some degree courses may have to be extended to be worth a whole study
point. Nothing has changed for the coming academic year, although the
points are already being converted for the study guide on the Internet.

Alternative canteen

Three Tropical Land Use students have started an alternative canteen on the
third floor of the Nieuwlanden building.

They are selling noodles, coffee, tea and chocolate bars. “This is our
protest against the closing of the canteen in this building. We are already
so isolated, and this latest move is very demotivating for students,