Nieuws - 11 oktober 2012

New platform for sustainability

Students help Wageningen go green. Make more use of our own green knowledge.

Wageningen is to have a Green Office. The new organization will promote sustainable initiatives on campus. Green Office Wageningen introduced itself on 10 October during Sustainability Day in the Forum.
'We support the implementation of existing sustainable projects but we also help develop new initiatives,' explains coordinator Marta Dabrowska. 'We want to create projects arising from needs felt in the organization.' Green Office is a student-run organization. The difference compared to groups such as Share and WEP (Wageningen Environmental Platform) lies in its close collaboration with Facilities and Services. 'We take a critical and constructive approach to this. We want to reflect critically on what is happening in the area of sustainability. Could it be done differently, should it be done differently, and if so - how?' As a sustainability platform, Green Office is the successor to Taskforce Sustainability, which will be disbanded at the end of this year. Within the organization there has long been a wish to see Wageningen's characteristic knowledge being applied in its own backyard.