Student - June 6, 2011

New on the Wageningen scene: House

There are thematic parties, open parties and performances by new bands. Party-loving students can eat their hearts out in Wageningen. But something is missing, thought Leon Sturkenboom and Joost Starmans, second-year students of Soil, water and atmosphere. House.

'All those rave-ups are great of course, but a real house party, a bit more professional, is still missing', says Joost. While there is a demand for it, they both feel sure. 'The dance floor at the Liberation Festival in Wageningen gets more popular every year.'

So the two students hatched a plan to organize a dance event, independently of the student societies. Unique in Wageningen, say the lads. It's all set to happen on Thursday 9 June in Het Gat café. A party by and for students, says Joost. 'The organization, the DJs' the dancers, the photographer - all students.'

The two organizers hope it won't be a one-off event. 'That's why it's called Revolution, because we hope the party will come round again every year and that it will catch on in other towns. We have already had a lot of positive responses. The owner of Het Gat has said that if it's a success, we can do it again at his place.
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