Nieuws - 24 april 2008

New neighbours for Haarweg

The Binnenhaven student accommodation will be moved to the Haarweg early next year if owner Idealis gets its plans approved. The ‘container’ apartment building will be cleared out and dismantled before it is moved. The operation will take a few months and the 150 residents will be found alternative accommodation.

The Wageningen student accommodation provider Idealis wants to rebuild the thirty five-room apartments in a U-shape next to the Haarweg student complex, in a former experimental garden belonging to Wageningen UR. When the ‘knock-down’ flats were first put up it was already known that they would be removed from the Binnenhaven after five years, as new housing and business units are planned for the site. The Haarweg is intended as the new location, but a building permit cannot be issued until there is a change of designation for the land.

Once the flats have been rebuilt, the students currently in the Binnenhaven will be able to choose whether to return to their room in the new location, or remain in their alternative accommodation. The housing office will also arrange storage of goods. Idealis will hold an information meeting for residents on 8 May.