Nieuws - 24 augustus 2005

New names

Gaia and Lumen are the new names of the buildings of the Environmental Sciences Group, now referred to simply as Alterra-West and Alterra-East. The good news is that the Atlas building will keep its name, and the illuminated Alterra sign on the building that is visible as you enter Wageningen along the Mansholtlaan will disappear. The environmental scientists will soon be able to hold meetings in Gaia 3, debate in Lumen 1 and follow a colloquium in Atlas 2. The names Gaia (the Greek goddess of the earth), Lumen (Latin for light) and Atlas (the Titan who held the pillars separating the earth from heaven) were chosen by a jury from suggestions submitted in response to the contest announced at the laying of the foundation stone of the Atlas building. The new names are necessary because soon the employees of both Alterra (research institute) and the department of Environmental Sciences (university) will soon share joint accommodation. The executive board agreed to the new names formally this summer, and the signs on the buildings will be changed next week. / GvM