News - June 29, 2006

New name

The student accommodation office SSHW will continue under the new name Idealis from 1 August.

In an attempt to revive its image, the accommodation office will introduce a new logo, a ‘paint spatter’ with a heart in the middle. The logo represents the rapidly expanding world that students encounter when they start studying and living on their own for the first time. The heart in the middle represents the tenant, according to SSHW the focus of the office’s work. According to vice-director Jan Harkema the change is not merely cosmetic: ‘We plan to introduce more tenants’ panels, to ask tenants’ opinions about all kinds of issues. Tenants will also have digital access to their own details. Student corridors will be able to list their preferences for new housemates for example, and also notify us of problems.’ The new name will be publicised through adverts on the buses between Wageningen and Ede. / JH