Nieuws - 1 januari 1970

New masters course

New masters course

New masters course

A new joint MSc in Limnology and Oceanography is intended to strengthen the
aquatic ecology side of Wageningen University.

Wageningen has developed the new master’s programme together with the
University of Amsterdam, eliminating the need to provide new courses
itself. Wageningen has the expertise on freshwater quality and ecology,
while Amsterdam will offer courses on marine ecology. The course starts in
September and will fall under the MSc in Earth systems Sciences in
Wageningen and the Amsterdam Master’s in Biology. The creators of the
course expect 25 to 30 students with an undergraduate background in
biology, chemistry and physical geography to enrol after the summer
vacation. The course will involve six months in Wageningen and the same
amount of time in Amsterdam.

Record numbers

About 275 agricultural journalists attended the Congress of the
International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) which was held
in Wageningen last week, a record according to the Dutch branch leader.

Discussions were overshadowed by the EU crisis meetings on reform of
European agricultural policy, which meant that EU commissioner of
agriculture Franz Fischler and Dutch minister of agriculture Cees Veerman
were not present, but President of the executive board of Wageningen UR,
Aalt Dijkhuizen was there to talk on ‘Farming under the public eye’. The
congress was also a great opportunity for ‘free publicity’ for Wageningen

Willem Alexander will attend opening

Crown prince Willem Alexander will give a speech at the official opening of
the Wageningen University academic year 2003-2004. The theme of the opening
ceremony this year will be water and water management. The official opening
speech will be given by Professor Wim van Vierssen, general director of the
Environmental Sciences Group and professor of aquatic ecology.