Nieuws - 28 maart 2013

New look for Wageningen courses

First success booked.

Wageningen's range of courses for external parties are in for an overhaul. From now on, the courses are to be much more attuned to demand from the market. The name is going to be changed too. Wageningen Business School is to become Wageningen Academy.
The makeover is a response to the dwindling numbers on courses in recent years. According to director Janine Luten, this was largely due to the supply-driven nature of the courses, which were based on the knowledge available within Wageningen UR. In the new approach Wageningen Academy will first establish what the demand is for knowledge and then look for teachers who can supply it. The academy has already booked its first success, winning the tender issued by the Rabobank and Rijk Zwaan for a horticulture course for top managers in the Dutch horticulture sector. 'We can offer a programme tailored to the horticulture sector with teachers from Wageningen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam,' says Luten. The director sees a shift in the demand for in-service education. Companies increasingly want in-company training courses and distance learning. Wageningen Academy meets this demand with online courses. The Academy also wants to host knowledge events: one-off expert meetings on topics that are in the media a lot. The Academy recently moved into Radix on campus.