Nieuws - 10 november 2005

New ethics centre

More attention for ethical reflection within education and research is the objective of the new Wageningen Ethics Centre. The intention is to teach researchers to bear in mind socially sensitive issues. The Applied Philosophy Group under Professor Michiel Korthals is involved in the new centre. Korthals: ‘It is noticeable that society is becoming more sensitive to interfering with life. People are also becoming more concerned about what really goes on during the food production process. The whole idea of just dumping innovations on society is not on in the life sciences. Researchers must bear this in mind. We are setting up the centre to encourage people to think about ethics on different levels and help them to weigh up the alternatives.’ The first meeting will take place at the centre on 14 December. The first activities will start in January. The centre will organise monthly buffets pensants, where students and lecturers will be able to discuss bio-ethics over a meal. / JH