Student - June 26, 2008

New education building speeded up

The Executive Board wants a new education building quickly on Wageningen Campus. The growing student numbers – up last year by 25 percent and this year by another 20 percent – mean that by 2012 there will be 6500 students at Wageningen University, the board has calculated. Therefore extra teaching space is needed sooner than expected.

The new education building should be ready by 2001 or 2012. It will be located between Atlas and Forum, but slightly to the south, in the direction of De Bongerd sports centre, to maintain space on the campus, according to spokesman Simon Vink.
Completing the education building earlier than originally planned will not lead to delays in other Wageningen Campus construction work, Vink said. Work will soon start on the new animal sciences building, which will include experimental facilities. The new building for the nutritionists who are still in the Dreijen complex is planned for 2018-2020 and is unlikely to be brought forward. ‘Speeding this up doesn’t look feasible,’ said Vink, ‘but a working group is looking into the matter.’