Nieuws - 30 augustus 2012

'New' discovery in Forum

How many things in Forum don't I known yet? This was the homework question for me after the MSc-study Day.

Have you ever used this microwave in Forum?
It was a glad-handing afternoon for the new Master students of environmental sciences; the study association of MES assigned a tutor team for them, which consisted of the old MES-ers.
For some reason I was asked to replace a tutor who quit at the last minute. I readily accepted that mission. Why? First being a tinker or Mr. Fixit is my hobby, and second I presumed, as a veteran MSc-er, being a tour guide in Forum should never be a tough task. 
Together with another tutor Sander, I showed Forum's facilities to the rookies, taught them the computer activities and finally coaxed as many membership subscriptions as possible for the study association, which I thought was the main reason we got paid. Except for the last task, the rest was kind of a demonstration of the routine life in Forum. Almost nothing surprised me, but Sander; and I surprised him in turn.
He couldn't believe that I hadn't known the color printer could quickly do double-sided scanning. Reversely I was surprised that he, a 5 th -year student, had never heard of the microwave on 6 th floor. Wow! Were it not for this partnership, I would keep scanning books one page per time and each time for one minute until I graduate from this university, and he would have no chance to enjoy a lekker warm lunch in Forum.
This reciprocity experience makes me wonder: how many more secrets are there in this brown building? It seems great to wrap them up as a list of did-you-know tips. And definitely I'd like to share my awful story as the tip No.1 for the future Forum-visitors. 
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