Nieuws - 9 november 2010

New clubhouse for Arboricultura


The new clubhouse for Arboricultura, the student society in Velp, was packed when it was officially opened last Thursday evening. The society has finally found a permanent abode. But what's a Velp society doing in Arnhem?

The new clubhouse will bring back order to an unsettled Arboricultura, whose former premises in Velp were given up when the owner wanted them back for other uses. Since January, the society had to make do with temporary facilities.
Chairman Maurits de Groot is pleased that that period is over. He does not mind the fact that the new clubhouse is located in Arnhem (Duizelsteeg 21). The clubhouse can take advantage of city life in this way. 'Attendance at club evenings will thereby increase as students are able to go to other cafes as well.'
Membership ended
Not everyone shares this view. The choice for the new clubhouse is the reason why second year student Maarten Koppen has terminated his membership. 'It's too troublesome for me to get there, so I'm quitting.' However, fourth year student Ayla finds the location great. 'It doesn't matter when it comes to congeniality; that's something you create together.'
Text: Marleen Klingenberg