Student - November 5, 2010

New car-hire firm in Wageningen

New to Wageningen: StudentCar, a car-hire firm especially for students. Great news, of course, but are they the cheapest?

'Sometimes public transport will do the job', says StudentCar in its press release, 'but usually it costs valuable studying time and you would like more flexibility'. What could be easier than just reserving one of the cars parked next to your student building? You use a special pass to open the door and the keys are already in the car - that's all it takes. What is more, driving a car in this way is actually good for the environment according to this company because - here it comes - students who are used to hiring a car from a young age are less likely to buy one later on.
As of 15 November this option will also be available to you in Wageningen. There will be cars at the Bornsesteeg and Haarweg sites. Both WU and VHL students will be able to use the cars. 'Anyone who doesn't mind driving around in a car sporting the StudentCar logo is welcome', says Sjoerd Geurts. VHL students outside Wageningen will have to be patient. Leeuwarden is scheduled for 2011 and Velp/Arnhem will remain unexploited territory for the time being.
However, the big question is whether it pays to hire a StudentCar. All the different subscriptions and offers (make sure you become a Facebook friend) make it difficult to get a clear-cut answer. So Resource did some calculations for a few scenarios.
A weekend in Groningen
You suddenly decide to drive up to lively Groningen. You cover a total of about 380 kilometres. You are pleased with the car but even so, you don't get round to hiring a car again for the rest of the year. Winner: Rujo Auto's. StudentCar is not a good option because of the one-off registration fee of 25 euros.
Weekly visit to your gran in Winterswijk
Your granny has always been an important person in your life. Now she is housebound, you decide to pay her a weekly visit. An hour's drive there, a cup of tea and an hour's drive back. Agreed, that is an expensive cup of tea  but after all, she is your granny. Winner: the StudentCar monthly subscription.
Driving around one day a month
You haven't touched a steering wheel since you got your driving licence. That could be a problem. Soon, when you join the ranks of the commuters, you will be too scared to drive on the motorway. You decide to spend one day a month driving around. You cover 100 kilometres every time. Winner: Rujo Auto's, but it is quite an achievement to have covered no more than a hundred kilometres after a day out driving. StudentCar is a cheaper option if you take the car for less time.
One night of adventure
Eventually you succumb to the pressure to be the one driving rather than drinking on a so-called fun night out. You don't enjoy being the only one who's sober  and to make matters worse, you fail to spot a bollard when parking. There goes the accidental damage excess on your insurance. You are so annoyed you decide never to hire a car again. Winner: Greenwheels, with the lowest accidental damage excess. Unfortunately, this organization doesn't have any cars available in Wageningen.
Disclaimer: while every care was taken with the calculations, there may be slight discrepancies with the actual prices.