Nieuws - 3 november 2005

New bus route

There will be a new bus route through De Born complex. The current 86 bus-route will be replaced by an express service that will follow the new route. This will decrease the journey time to the railway station in Ede. If the town council approves, work on the new route will start next year. The buses will follow the current 86 route along the Lawickse Allee, the Kortenoord Allee and the Nijenoord Allee. Once the new bus lane is ready, the buses will turn into the Wageningen UR De Born complex between the Dijkgraaf and the Bornsesteeg. They will drive past De Bongerd sport centre to pick up their current route along the Mansholtlaan to the train station. Students living in the ‘star flats’ will have to walk further to a bus stop if they want to use the fast service. The Hoevestein bus stop will disappear. The 83 route will remain unchanged. / JH