Student - February 6, 2018

New bureau helps students to find side-jobs

Madhura Rao

A new company called Student2Work has been established in Wageningen to help students find part time jobs during their study.

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Cleo Kortenhorst, who is a student of MSc Management, Economics and Consumer Studies, helped establishing the company because she wishes to help her fellow students who want to work but cannot find a job.

‘We saw that students and scholars have a hard time finding jobs, while employers have difficulties in finding employees. Wageningen and the areas nearby have a lot of jobs for students and scholars. The only problem is that you need to find them and we are going to do that for the students’, says Kortenhorst. The company wants to enable students to support themselves and help them repay their student loans. They aim to offer jobs that pay higher than the minimum wage and welcome applications from both, Dutch and non-Dutch students.

Personal preferences
‘The big difference between Student2Work and other employment bureaus is that we provide students with side-jobs to earn extra money during their study whereas employment bureaus are more focussed on jobs after graduation’, explains Kortenhorst.

On students can specify which kind of job they would like to do – outdoors, in a restaurant, in a food factory, etc. Depending on demand, supply, and the preferences of students and employers, the company will contact students to notify them about the availability of jobs. Registration for students is free of charge.