News - May 13, 2010

New buildings and connections on Wageningen campus

New development plans for the Wageningen campus will make new building projects possible. A new bus lane across the campus will provide access.

The new cycle path between Dijkgraaf and the campus, with Rikilt in the background
Students in the high-rise Dijkgraaf block of flats and staff who live in Noord-West no longer have to brave the busy Nijenoordallee to reach the campus. A new cycle path finished last week opens up a new route onto campus for cyclists and pedestrians. And the bus won't be far behind.The province of Gelderland is working on a plan for a separate new bus lane that will cross the campus from the Mansholtlaan to the east to the Dijkgraaf to the west, running to the north of the existing roads Het Goor and Akkermaalsbos. The eastern end of the bus lane will link up with a new junction on the Mansholtlaan.
Town Council
The new junction for the campus on the Mansholtlaan is part of new development plans for Wageningen campus. Wageningen town council will reach a decision on these plans at the end of this month
A number of developments in the plan are already underway. At the western end of the campus, the Banana (where Plant used to be) is being converted into office and lab space for Zodiac. And next to the Atrium, new accommodation is going up for animals hitherto housed at the Marijkeweg.
Construction starts later this year on the second education building Orion, between the Forum and the Atlas building. Work also starts this autumn on a new building for Facilities and Services (FB), currently still in the barracks on the corner of the Bornsesteeg and the Akkermaalsbos. These barracks will be demolished and FB will move to a new building next to the Wisselgebouw on the Akkermaalsbos, where there are now tennis courts. Eventually ICT (now in the Computechnion at the Dreijen) is to move here too.
All Directions
The new cycle path to the west now makes the campus accessible from all directions. A vast majority of cyclists use the southern access route along the Bornsesteeg. This road is also a way onto campus from the north, from Bennekom and Ede. Cyclists approaching from the east (Bennekom) use the Droevendaalsesteeg, which is the main entrance to the campus for motorists too. To add to these routes, there are plans for an additional path connecting the campus and the Leeuwenborch. This proposal is included in the development plan for Wageningen campus, and is really an extension to the existing path that crosses the Nijenoordallee and the Bongerd, to bring it out near Orion.