News - November 10, 2009

New building for AFSG

AFSG researchers will be housed together on the campus in a new building in mid 2013.

'The decision has been taken; the uni-location goes full steam ahead!' This was announced by Dijkhuizen at 10 am today at a special staff meeting in the old canteen of the Biotechnion at the Dreijen.
A small applause went up from the hundred employees gathered together and a few of them shouted 'jeuh'.
Peter Booman, director of the facilities services, said that construction of the uni-location will take two years, while the schedule of requirements and the tenders and assignment of architect and contractor will take a year and a half, if the going is good. 'That would mean that the uni-location will be within reach by mid 2013. When that happens, we can heave a sigh of relief.'