Nieuws - 12 januari 2012

New boat for expanding Argo

In order to cater for the big influx of new members, rowing club Argo took possession of a new boat on 8 January. True to tradition, the boat was named after one of the Argonauts, Phalerus.

Councillor Michiel Uitdehaag launches the Phalerus.
The purchase of the two-year-old coxless four was not exactly in the long-term plan, admits secretary Wesselien te Raa, but it was necessary in view of the tremendous growth in club membership. ‘We've got lots of new members and existing members are carrying on rowing longer these days too.'
The club now has about 400 members. So the renovations of their premises on the Grebbedijk, planned for this year, are well-timed. Te Raa: ‘With the growing membership, it is too often packed out. Besides, the premises failed an inspection by the Dutch Olympic Committee NOC*NSF, she says. ‘Hygiene is bad and the building leaks like a sieve, there is water everywhere.'
Renovations start in May and should be finished by 2013, when the club celebrates its centenary.'