Nieuws - 15 april 2013

New York, New York

What? Theatre show Non Stop New York with Wilfried de Jong and Ocobar
Where? The Junushoff theater, Wageningen
When? 13 April, 20.15
Cost? Starting at 10 euros

Perhaps it's impossible for an outsider ever to really understand New York, muses protagonist Nick Carraway towards the end of Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Perhaps he would be better off returning to the Midwest, where he was born. A challenge Wilfried de Jong must have been happy to take up. De Jong has been a fan ever since he first set foot in New York, in 1978, and he tries to capture the city in the show Non Stop New York. All accompanied by jazz band Ocobar, who also play on his popular TV show Holland Sport.

The show consists of various stories De Jong collected over the course of his eighteen visits to the city. For instance, he cycled to the northernmost tip of Manhattan on a two-bit bicycle, visited a peep show, and came across a murder crime scene around the block. And of course, there's lots of jazz. In fact, it's Ocobar who have received widespread acclaim for this show, while critics are more divided on whether De Jong's stories are particularly interesting. But should you leave disappointed that you still don't get New York, there's always the promising new film adaption of The Great Gatsby coming out in May. Or you could pay a visit of your own to the city that never sleeps...