Nieuws - 10 juli 2012

New Pulse council members quit

Student union Pulse has reached the end of the road. Two of the four new council members have pulled out. 'An great pity,' says Romy Appelman, the current chairperson. 'We were so close to making it. It's really saddening.'

The union had announced with great relief at the end of June that a new council had been formed. Four male students would take over the tasks from the current team. However, two of them had second thoughts in the past week about having to take on the executive tasks for a year, says Romy. 'Boudewijn Pieters and Dao Hong Yang have finally decided to quit for personal reasons, such as study pressure and financial circumstances.'
The current council members of Pulse have to dissolve the union now. The last two council members will step down too and we will try as hard as possible to get through a council-less year. We need to decide what to do with the facilities and the society. The carrier cycle and the student housing registration service will continue throughout this summer. I don't know what will happen exactly, but I hope that we can organize things in a way that the union can be easily regenerated.'
Romy feels that it is a great loss to Wageningen when there is no student union. 'Especially in times like these with the pressing need for student accommodation and looming government regulations.  There wouldn't be a union anymore to take up these matters.'
Pulse is a merger of the Progressive Student Party (PSF) and Wageningen Student Union (WSO). These two student parties came together in February after WSO threw in the towel at the start of the academic year due to a lack of new council members .