Nieuws - 1 februari 2001

New Internet cafe with eighty work stations will open in spring

New Internet cafe with eighty work stations will open in spring

Wageningen will soon have its first large Internet cafe. The Mega Internetshop will be equipped with 80 work stations for surfing the Internet, Office applications, educational services and games. Spokesman Jack Westland expects to open the Internetshop in May of this year, near Cafe Het Gat, between the Salverdaplein and the newly developed Kloosterplein. Wageningen is the first to get an Internetshop, but there are plans for all the university cities, says Westland.


Mega will offer a wider range of services than the normal Internet cafes, stresses Westland. People cannot only surf the World Wide Web, chat, or check their e-mail, but also write and print reports, scan pictures, and fax or e-mail written documents. Westland also wants to offer services for educational purposes, but the less serious amongst us may want to visit Mega to play games on the Internet.

The quality of the work stations and the broad band Internet connection will be high, according to Westland. Access to a work station will be through a smart card. An Internet connection will cost three guilders per hour, but a subscription will cost less.

Martin Woestenburg