Organisation - November 24, 2005

Name goes

The name A&F will disappear from visiting cards and letterhead. The institute will continue under the name Agrotechnology and Food Sciences Group (AFSG). The business unit Food Quality, part of which was to go to NIZO, will definitely remain part of DLO research. The Supervisory Board approved this plan last week. The Food Quality department will continue with two research groups: the Restaurant of the Future, in which the institute will do research on consumer behaviour with the food and management services company Sodexho, and a group that will to research on mild separation and conservation techniques. The latter group will work closely with the Process Technology group of Wageningen University. General director of AFSG, Dr Kees de Gooijer, expects that another fifteen full time jobs will have to be scrapped in the coming reorganisation. The number is lower than expected because many employees in threatened departments have already left for other jobs or have made use of the voluntary redundancy scheme. / KV