News - July 7, 2010

'My room-mate is a pitiful PhD student too'

Who? Annette Kliphuis
What? Bioprocess Technology PhD student; she studies the metabolism of algae
Where? Is sweating in the Biotechnion
Why? Is not going on holiday until her PhD thesis is finished

How much longer do you have to keep working?
'My deadline is 1 September; everything needs to be finished by then. I'm now working on chapter 4. Then I still have to write the discussion, propositions, introduction and acknowledgements. We are talking serious stress.'
How do you cope with the heat?
'I don't. It is unbearable in the Biotechnion, I am literally sticking to my desk. The ventilator is broken which is why I've got the window open. But it could be worse: at least I don't have to work in the processing hall.'
Doesn't it get lonely?
'No, it's quite a sociable atmosphere here. I'm not the only one with stress. My room-mate is also a pitiful PhD student; her deadline is in two weeks time. We go to the arboretum every day for our lunch in order to de-stress.'
Will you miss your normal holiday?
I've hardly been away at all over the past few years because I've had to keep an eye on my algae experiments. Two weeks camping at most. But I'm probably off to Crete in September. Although I haven't dared book anything yet. But I don't have an excuse any more - the work has to be finished by 1 September.'