Nieuws - 23 februari 2011

My bloody Monday

07.00 I got up with droopy eyes, got washed in five minutes, and enjoyed my yummy breakfast under the blurry rising sun. Everything seemed to promise another perfect sunny day. But it wasn't to be...

The Sky outside my window, a land of serenity
When I took my bicycle for food shopping, it turned out to be broken; something was wrong with the chain. As a total layman of bicycle mechanics, all I could do was to take it home first and borrow one from my corridor mates. Unfortunately, I ran into them as the lift opened, they were going to school, which meant no bike can be borrowed. How frustrating it was! But what was strange, when I tried to fix it, it went back well by itself. What a joke!
Totally got lost in Albert Heijn; no idea what to buy as I was going to cook for eight people! No experience with that. Anyway, after 40 minutes' roaming, I found the maze exit out.

Usaually I am 10 minutes early for class, , but today I was late by 10 minutes. The lecture was as difficult as I had expected, and I only understood 50% of the lecture. The only thing I knew without doubt was I could go home after 15.30.

I went home and started the food preparation. In Chinese tradition, N dishes are expected for N people's dinner. Considering this is Holland, I reduced  it to six (N-2) dishes, but it still took a lot of efforts: I spent a whole hour for minced pork and chopped chicken drumsticks.

I arrived at the Frits'. We had three more guests: their daughter-in-law Annemarie and their two grandsons, Leo and Martijn. Even though I did the cooking in full swing, the dinner couldn't start till 19.30. I was glad that they loved my food, especially those two kids. Ha ha, I felt flattered.

On the way back home, I got trouble with the bike again. 'What a day!?' I pulled it over, turned it upside down while praying the divine providence in the morning could reoccur. To my surprise, a guy was passing by. 'How's it going, dude?' 'Well, as you can see, not that well.' 'Let me see...' After one minute's check he said: 'I guess your rear bearing is rusted.' But that's all that he could do. I thanked him and then walked home. What a pity boy~

Finally, I arrived back home. Ivan, my best buddy in Wageningen and my new neighbor, caught me on Facebook. I told him my latest story. Without a second, he rang my doorbell with a bottle of lubricating oil. A friend in need is a friend indeed. When he did the check, my bike went well again by itself. What a bike?! What an Ivan!

At the end of the day, I got happy again since life was back to the right track. What's more, I experienced a day full of ups and downs. I love such a bloody Monday, such a bloody dreamy life.

Video of the week:

Time to learn something about bike-fixing