Nieuws - 17 november 2010

My affair with bikes

Where there is a way, there is a bike in my life. Dutch people always suppose that Holland is a kingdom of bicycles.

This picture was taken when I travelled in Yunnan, China.
I'm sorry but I have to clarify that the real Kingdom of Bicycles is China.
Why? Don't forget there are 1.3 billion Chinese and half of them have their own bike. What a huge number it would be! As a Chinese, I'm also good at cycling and love it deeply. Lance Armstrong is my idol, His legend of seven consecutive champions of Tour de France always inspires me to overcome every challenge one after another.

Unfortunately, Mr. Armstrong doesn't share any genes for bicycle with me, otherwise a Chinese guy in a yellow jersey may have ever appeared on the podium of Tour de France. Moreover, tell you a latest secret - I began my Tuesday with a falling-down from a bike skidded on the bridge near Forum. Shame on myself!

Whatever, I'm always proud of the splendid resume of my cycling career.

  • At the age of 5, l had learned how to ride a bike.

  • When I studied in primary school, the bike was my vehicle to commute between home and school, a distance of 4 kilometers two times per day.

  • I lost five bikes in my 23 years. The first one was stolen on the day after I celebrated its ten-year-old birthday by a refurbishment to it, which made me cry myself a river like losing a brother. The other four were stolen in one month's time when I still studied at Nankai University in Tianjin, China. That story should have been in the Guinness Book of Records.

  • The footprints of my cycling are throughout every city I ever visited to.

  • I ever cycled on a foldable bike for a sightseeing tour in Amsterdam overnight without a sleep. That's one of the craziest things I ever did.

  • Last but not least, I rode a bike on the highway to Ede without being charged..... matter how interesting my bicycle stories might be, cycling on Mt. Pyrenees is still a too-far-away dream for me, practicing on 'Mt. De Dreijen' is a more down-to-earth substitute at present. But never say never. A petit boy is always ready to make his dream come true. Just wait and see. Viva la vida!