Nieuws - 13 juni 2002


Eveline Stilma, student:

'Muizenissen', how do I translate that one? Muizenissen, mousing, mouse things? Yes, English is a difficult language. But one way or the other we really have to deal with it. Wageningen is increasingly becoming an international university: next year twenty percent of all Wageningen students will be international students! Figures that, I believe, cannot easily be neglected. There is a strong movement towards internationalisation from the central head office. With the implementation of MSc/BSc all courses will be attended by both national and international students. The Masters will be completely in the English language. Besides study programmes, internationalisation has a great effect on student-life as it is today.

This subject however is beyond the topic I wanted to address. What I want to plead for is this: why is there only one English page in the Wb? International students cannot read anything about interesting research done in Wageningen UR. The information they receive is that international students like stroopwafels, nice, but knowledge that can be easily gained elsewhere! All national students and employees are supposed to be able to read English, so replacing a Dutch page with an extra English page can only create a win-win situation, can't it? So, please Wb, consider the needs of international students and expand your target group!