Nieuws - 25 augustus 2011

Msc students happy with light programme AID

The new masterstudents who chose a lighter version of the Annual Introduction Days were satisfied about their less intensive start in Wageningen. 'It's cheaper and I have more personal time.'

International students during their registration at Forum
During the Annual Introduction Days there was a new and special 'light' programme for MSc students who wanted to have a low-gear start in Wageningen.
‘Around 153 students of the Msc light programme turned up on the opening day, they were divided into 8 groups,' said Jorieke, a board member of AID 2011. Different from the regular programme, some big events such as Crazy 88, Bier Cantus and Comedy Crawl were not in the schedule of the light programme. Instead, the light one was more based on providing information. But the Light'ers could still participate in the opening party, Sports Day and Infomarket, if they wanted to.

Two mentors
‘Generally I'm quite happy with this program: it's cheaper (€30) and I have more personal time to look for a room,' said Ezzio, a freshman from Italy.
For better organization, AID board arranged one or two mentors in each group. Their job was guiding the 'kids' for the first three days, such as taking them to the right assigned locations. ‘Considering this is the first try-out of the light programme, we think three days is enough to get to know  the city. After that they can decide themselves what to do in the next three days,' said Jorieke.

It is worth mentioning that each mentor of the Msc light programme got paid €50. ‘If I was told earlier, I would have liked to do that job instead,' said Shawn, a mentor of the regular program. ‘We found it difficult to recruit enough mentors for the light programme, so we decided to get them paid,' explained Jorieke.
Will the light programme be continued or how would it be next year? ‘It depends on the result of the evaluation survey,' the final words from AID board.