Nieuws - 24 augustus 2011

Movie moved to administration building

Suzanne Overbeek

The film shown each year during the AID was screened this year next to the Administration Building, due to space shortage at the market plain. A pity, say mentors and Wageningers at the Markt.

More than enough seats in this 'film theatre'.
Sunday evening. The field next to the Administration Building is teaming with AID participants and other film buffs who flock there for the annual open air movie. Full of expectation (the film title is a closely guarded secret), they look for the best places to view the film.
Due to space shortage at the Markt, the AID committee has decided to screen the film in the area next to the administration building. Says committee member Sander de Kraker: "Last year, we were told that many could not see the film because there was not enough space at the Markt. That's why we have decided to take the film to the administration area this year.'
The area next to the administration centre is much wider, affording more space especially in front of the screen so that everyone has a place to sit. It seems to be less crowded than in the past years. Sander: "We had expected more AID'ers to turn up, but there are less this year: 1499." There were 1514 first years during the introduction days last year.
A bit of a pity, really
Not everyone is in favour of the re-location. Nico de Koning, who lives in the city centre, is sitting with his housemates on a beer terrace. It is half past eight and the Markt is deserted. "What a hopeless situation. A bit of a pity, really, that the film is not screened at the Markt. The city centre with its beer terraces and the church has character and is open to everyone."
Housemate Sanne Moejes: "We saw students sitting on benches in the Markt half an hour ago, but they've all left by now."
The incoming first years are not bothered at all. While two mentor mamas are talking about the good old times when the film was shown at the Markt, their 'son', Ruben van de Ketterij, doesn't give a hoot. "I like the open air film anyway as it's special."