Nieuws - 13 maart 2012

Movie W saved

Movie W has acquired enough money for a new lease of life. This arthouse cinema, which had been hard-pressed for a long time, will give a free screening to mark the end of its stay in LA13.

The arthouse cinema could finally bring out the flag when Wageningen UR officially pledged 50,000 euros just before the weekend for it to start anew. In fact, such a sum had been mentioned earlier on but the formal affirmation still had to come. With the money from Wageningen UR, the cinema is now financially sound, says its board, and work on equipping its new theatre can begin. Movie W will move into the building on the Wilhelminaweg where the Venster art centre is located.
The arthouse cinema's fresh start marks the end of a restless period. In early 2011, Movie W was told that it had to move out of LA13. At the same time, Wageningen UR decided to stop financing the cinema structurally. That started a long search for sufficient money for a re-opening. Besides Wageningen UR, others who have contributed to the required amount of about 100,000 euros are the Wageningen Municipality, the Prince Bernard Culture Funds, regional enterprises, Marin and individual film lovers.
Fairy tale
Movie W will start screening films in September in its Wilhelminaweg premises. This Sunday, 18 March, it will bid farewell to its stay of almost ten years in LA13 with a free screening of the French film Angèle and Tony. This debut film by Alix Delaporte is a modern fairy tale with a rightful happy ending. Show times: 18:00, 19:30 and 21:00 hours.