Nieuws - 17 november 2011

Movie W on the brink

Wageningen UR has rejected the adapted business plans drawn up by the board of Move W to keep the film club going.

 This was announced on the board's behalf by spokesman Simon Vink. The plan assumed a contribution by Wageningen UR of about 100,000 euros. That is half what was budgeted in the original plan, but is still too much, says Vink.
This would seem to seal the fate of Move W. The film club had to vacate its current premises at Wageningen UR's LA13 by 1 January. It plans to carry on in ‘t Venster arts centre. Earlier talks with Wageningen UR reached an impasse on issues including the scale of funding requested (200,000 over 10 years). According to Movie W spokesman Huib de Vriend, the adapted business plan meets the conditions laid down by Wageningen UR. ‘With a one-off contribution we will not become dependent on their recurrent support. And we will involve other parties in the plans.'
But for Wageningen UR, this is not enough. Vink says the new plan is no basis for discussions with Movie W. Meanwhile, the volunteers at Movie W have sent an open letter appealing to the executive board for support for the film club.