Nieuws - 13 december 2011

Movie W gives it one last shot

Movie W will make a last-ditch effort to preserve the art house cinema for Wageningen. Starting on Saturday in LA13, it hopes to get hold of 45,000 euros.

This is all that it needs to meet a financial shortage after a possible contribution of 50,000 euros from Wageningen UR. 'There have been no promises yet, but in any case, we now know the maximum amount Wageningen UR will give,' says Movie-W spokesman Huib de Vriend.
Movie W resumed discussions with Wageningen UR last week about a contribution to give the film society a new lease of life. Movie W has to leave the current building LA13 before April. Wageningen UR spokesman Simon Vink confirms that a one-off contribution of 50,000 euros is a possibility. 'But there must be a business plan behind which gives it continuity. This is not just a question of money. There must be a future. The 50,000 euros are therefore not for financing an operating imbalance.'
The 'promise' from Wageningen UR gives Movie W the impetus to make a last-ditch effort. The society still needs 45,000 euros, says De Vriend. 'We are going to give it our best shot. We will talk to the municipality again and try to get funding from visitors, donators and sponsors.' The action will be kicked off on Saturday 17 December. On that day, a Movie W Special will feature four films, one of which will be a children's film. De Vriend: 'In this way, we can show people what we do, so they can help to make it possible.' Movie W has asked Wageningen UR to let it have up to the end of February to get its financial act together. 'We are roaring to go. We just can't let such a beautiful cinema disappear.'
Movie W should, however, cease its protests against Wageningen UR, says Simon Vink. 'We have indicated that we are not amused by the poster protest against Wageningen UR in the city. This is not the way to treat one another. It works counter-productive.'