News - November 30, 2011

Movie W gets more time in LA13

Culture venue LA13 will keep its doors open for three more months. This means that the current occupants of this building, which include Movie W, may stay up to April 2012.

This extension is given because the Klok building on the Dreijen is not ready. Besides Movie W, most of the present occupants will be housed there. These are RUW, Otherwise, Boerengroep, AIESEC, Integrand, ISOW and SP3. The PSF/WSO merger will be housed on the campus.
For Movie W, this postponement is a blessing. The film house still has a long way to go before it can get its act together concerning funds for the move to the art centre 't Venster at the Generaal Foulkesweg. 'The three extra months will therefore come in handy,' says spokesperson Huib de Vriend. The film house will use this time to gather the needed finances together. The Movie W management will talk to Wageningen UR next week about making a contribution.
Despite promises from Wageningen UR to help with a start-up, earlier attempts to get it to contribute had come to nought. De Vriend: 'We thought that our latest business plan had fulfilled all the conditions of the executive board. But apparently, that's not the case. New arguments keep cropping up. We want certainty now. We want to know what can be done instead of being told afterwards what our plans fall short of.'
The move of Movie W will require about 73,000 euros for furnishings and to acquire a digital projector. Besides Wageningen UR, Movie W is also appealing to various other sources of funding. The Prince Bernhard Culture Funds has already made a contribution, according to De Vriend. In the next few months, steps will be taken to look for sponsors among visitors and sympathizers.