Nieuws - 10 september 2012

Movie W gets a third lease of life

Movie W will be relaunched on Friday in completely new premises. The arthouse cinema will be entirely self-supporting for the first time.

The new cinema with committee members Huib de Vriend, Adri Bolt en Hugo Vervoort (from left to right).
The red seats are the same ones they had in LA13. The rostrum (a present from WUR) has been dismantled, transported to the new location and reassembled. They have the same sound system, and the familiar 35-millimetre projector can still be found in the projection room. Even the walls are in the familiar Movie W dark blue. 'We even had that colour back in De Wereld. That blue has become our signature colour', laughs committee member Hugo Vervoort.
New look
Despite this, the new Movie W that will be opening its doors on Friday looks very different to the room in LA13 that the arthouse cinema was forced to leave in the spring, or indeed the upstairs room in Hotel De Wereld where it all began 36 years ago. Over the past few months one of the buildings belonging to 't Venster at Wilhelminaweg 3a has been refurbished and turned into a plush cinema. Not just one room, but an entire arthouse cinema with a reception, a small, friendly foyer, toilets and a fixed bar. The dominant colours are dark blue and a fresh olive green.
One brand-new addition is the digital projector standing next to the old 35-mm projector. It was a big investment, but necessary as all new films are digital these days. The screen is also new, and bigger than the old one. But the bar is probably the most notable difference with the old Movie W. The rather amateurish mobile bar we have such affectionate memories of in LA13 has been replaced by a proper counter. The changes symbolize the new cinema's more professional, commercial approach. Movie W has to support itself now that it is no longer being propped up by Wageningen UR .
At first sight, the relaunch seems to have no downsides. 'But we do have to pay rent here', retorts former chairperson Adri Bolt. 'We are certainly better off if you look at the interior and the amount of space', confirms committee member Huib de Vriend. Another advantage is the combination with 't Venster, adds Vervoort. The idea is that cross-fertilization with the arts centre will spark off new initiatives. 'In fact, that was one of the main reasons why we chose this location.'
More commercial
Visitors will see the new approach reflected in the ticket price: seven euros instead of six. Students get a discount of one euro (on presentation of their WUR card). The plan is for the current visitor numbers of 6,500-7,000 a year to grow to 8,000 in due course. 'For example, we're considering events for companies, or something in combination with the conferences in Wageningen', explains De Vriend. 'So more commercial, but still keeping within the limits of our objectives as a foundation.'
Movie W will open next Friday with the screening of a fully restored version of the film classic 'Le voyage dans la lune', by George Méliès. This will be followed by a documentary about the restoration later in the evening. On Saturday there will be a mini-festival with four films. There will be three free performances of 'Abrir puertas y ventanas' by the Argentinean Milagros Mumenthaler on Sunday afternoon and evening. See for the full programme.