Student - February 25, 2016

Mortierstraat 14B - Sneaky

Rob Ramaker

The story so far: Vera was in a relationship with Robby when her old flame Ruben turned up again. Her inability to make up her mind has caused some painful situations.

mortierstraat 14b.jpg

Disoriented, Vera just let herself be carried along by the crowd towards the Hoog Catharijne shopping mall. It was drizzling outside. And she obviously hadn’t remembered the route properly, because she got lost immediately. Her telephone was no help: Google Maps always got stuck. As Vera wandered around her heart was in her mouth. She had agreed with Ruben that this would be their first real date. In Utrecht so she wouldn’t run into Robby and his friends. ‘A day out shopping with my mother,’ she told the others.

What a sneaky going-on, she thought now. Who would have thought I would ever sneak around and tell lies like this? And this was just the latest of several unpleasant discoveries she had made about herself this month.

After about ten minutes she had to admit she was completely lost. She asked an elderly lady the way and discovered she was on the wrong side of the centre. She turned round straightaway.

As she hurried along she was overwhelmed with doubt again. Now that she had known Robby for a while, she could often read his mind and they understood each other effortlessly. He was sweet, but not exactly attentive or full of surprises. So their relationship became predictable and they often sat around on the sofa, bored. Meanwhile Vera was crossing a bridge and dodging a swerving cyclist. But was Ruben so much nicer? Maybe she was just looking for a bit of excitement, something new. And Ruben had already dumped her once. She couldn’t think of a reason why he could be trusted now. And so her thoughts went round and round, and showed no sign of calming down.

She turned right at the statue the old lady had described and suddenly found herself in front of the right café. She could see Ruben through the window, slumped and playing with a beermat. In panic she stepped aside so he couldn’t see her. With a shock she was suddenly back in reality. What was she up to, in heaven’s name? Sneaking around a strange city, on her way to a boy she hardly knew. Without looking back, she set off for the station.

‘I’m not coming,’ she whatsapped from the train. ‘It was a mistake. Don’t whatsapp me again.’ She deleted their whole history. There was no response. Relieved, she put her phone in her pocket, upon which it began to vibrate. Five whatsapps. From Robby. When she read them she felt the sting of tears in her eyes. ‘Let’s go away for a weekend. I want to show you how special you are to me.’