Nieuws - 13 oktober 2011

More students in digs

The private market for accommodation for Wageningen students has expanded by one third. This appears from figures at the student housing agency the HousingDesk.

Between 1 June and 10 October this year, the HousingDesk helped allocate 304 rooms, compared with 234 rooms in the same period last year. These figures include arranging for subletting of Idealis rooms, but this represents a relatively small proportion.
'It is striking that more and more individuals are offering rooms outside Wageningen', notes Andre Vermeer of the HousingDesk. 'We see rooms appearing in Zetten, Rhenen, Achterberg, Opheusden, and even Elst.'
The room shortage has not lessened though, says Vermeer. 'Last Wednesday, for example, a landlord offered a room in Bennekom, not the most popular location after all. It went online at 10 o'clock and two hours later we had to take it off the website. The man had already had 20 calls.'
On 30 September, Idealis had a waiting list of 735 students. There are still more than 60 students camping at the Wielerbaan campsite in Wageningen-Hoog, just as there were last year. The numbers went down last December, but the last camper only left in March.
There are also just under 200 international students waiting for a room to really call their own. Ninety-two of them are still staying at the Brink Residence, a hotel, and 75 commute between a holiday park in Hoenderloo and the campus. Although 400 extra rooms were put at the disposal of international students this year (above the Albert Heijn, at the Haarweg and at a former barracks in Ede), this was not enough to cater for the increased numbers.