Nieuws - 1 september 2005

More students in Wageningen

It looks like there will be a five percent rise in first-year BSc student numbers compared with last year. The number of students from abroad will probably remain about the same, as will the number of students coming from higher professional education.

These are the prognoses from the Central Student Administration Office based on the number of registrations processed so far. The number of Dutch high-school graduates who will start a BSc degree in Wageningen is expected to increase by 25. By the end of August 482 students had applied to come to Wageningen in comparison with 453 last year, according to the Information Management Group. At the registration day for international students last week, 190 students registered for an MSc degree course. This is the same number as last year. In the end a total of 310 foreign students registered last year. Many international students have not yet made it to Wageningen, as they have been held up by visa problems. / KV