Nieuws - 13 augustus 2010

More stopgap housing for students

Hotel and Conference Centre Hof van Wageningen will offer 350 students a temporary place to stay in Wageningen. In addition, the university wants to rent holiday chalets in Hoenderloo again as emergency housing for about 75 students.

This is disclosed by Simon Vink, spokesman for Wageningen UR. Emergency housing is meant for international students. 'It is absolutely impossible for these students to travel to and fro', says Vink.
Hof van Wageningen will provide 170 students with rooms at the Stadsbrink, and wants to house 180 students in renovated office space at the Lawickse Allee. Furthermore, the university will likely accommodate students this year in holiday park Landal Miggelenberg in Hoenderloo again, as in the past two years. Students will get to stay in bungalows and travel in buses plying between Wageningen and Hoenderloo.
6300 students
The room shortage for students seems to be more acute than last year's. Student housing bureau Idealis reports that it has some five hundred Dutch students on its waiting list at this moment.
The growth in student numbers continues for the fourth consecutive year. Between 2005 and 2009, the number of students in Wageningen University has grown from 4300 to 5700. Vink expects a further growth to 6300 students this year. Accommodation offered by Idealis has not increased from the 3800 units for the past years.
'Despite the completion of 250 student rooms at the Haarweg last year and the growth in the private rental market, the September peak will be higher than what we used to have in Wageningen', says Vink.