Nieuws - 30 juni 2010

More intimidation on the work floor

Half of the complaints received by confidential counsellors concern intimidation, mostly from managers.

The Annual Report for 2009 discloses that 49 complaints were received last year by confidential counsellors for undesirable forms of personal interaction in Wageningen UR. Lolke Sijtsma, spokesperson for the counsellors says: 'Certainly half of the complaints from employees were about intimidation, mostly by managers. This is on the rise, and is disconcerting.' The rest of the complaints were about sexual intimidation, bullying, aggression and discrimination.
The confidential counsellors hope to get a better picture of the extent of threatening behaviour from an employees' survey carried out recently. They advise directors to enable intimidation to be brought up during performance reviews, and to improve managers' social skills. In addition, they try to lower the threshold for victims to talk about their experiences.
In previous years, the complaints numbered four and zero. However, these numbers are not good for comparison purposes. Then, only formal grievances were reported to the complaints committee. In 2009, complaints to confidential counsellors were also noted in the social annual report. There was one formal complaint in 2009.
A list of the confidential counsellors can be found on intranet.