Nieuws - 26 augustus 2010

More interest in WU and VHL

Provisional registrations at Wageningen University are up by almost 10 percent. Interest in Van Hall Larenstein is up by 6 percent.

Provisional registrations for BA degree courses at Wageningen University are up by 9.6 percent in relation to the previous year. Registrations then totaled 893, as against 979 this year. This increase is partly due to the new BA degree course in Tourism, for which 27 people registered. Nutrition and Health, which has 106 registrations, is growing into one of the most popular study subjects.
Registrations for the most popular of them all, Biology, are down from 135 to 120. This may be connected to the national admission requirements for what is known as the comprehensive physics profile at secondary school. Animal Sciences, meanwhile, has seen a considerable rise from 54 to 94 provisional registrations. Physics is not a requirement for this subject.
The number of MA students will probably increase too, but this will only become clear in a few weeks' time.
Registrations at Van Hall Larenstein went up by 6 percent in the middle of August, from 1185 last year to 1258 now. In Leeuwarden, Animal Husbandry and Management counted 269 registrations this year against 247 last year. Environmental Science is up too. In Velp interest in Forest and Nature Management is up by 40 percent with 181 registrations. Registrations at VHL's small Wageningen branch are slightly down, with a total of 171 for all programmes together.