Nieuws - 31 januari 2008

More furnished rooms available

Extra newly furnished rooms in the Bornsesteeg flat will be ready for international students in February. They are rented out by Idealis through the Central Student Administration (CSA).

The university and Idealis agreed at the beginning of September 2007 that 150 extra rooms would be made ready after student numbers rose this academic year. ‘But the rooms will not be ready immediately, as they have to be renovated and furnished,’ said Jan Harkema, vice director of Idealis at the time.

In total there 1100 rooms available to international students via the CSA. Half of these are self-contained flats in the Bornsesteeg building. Eventually there will be no Dutch students left in this apartment building, as Idealis decided last summer to assign newly available rooms to international students in future. The rest of the designated rooms are not self-contained – kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared. These are spread over other complexes where Dutch students live.

The Bornsesteeg has risen in popularity since the Wageningen Campus has come into use, according to Harkema.