Nieuws - 14 februari 2013

More EU funding

Once again, in 2012 Wageningen UR attracted increased amounts of research funding from the EU. Europe funded Wageningen UR research to the tune of about 35 million euros last year.

Five years ago, earnings from the EU came to 27 million. It is not getting any easier to acquire EU projects. For one thing, the competition is getting stiffer, and for another, more and more funding is channelled into research that leads to job creation, i.e. to businesses. Nevertheless, Wageningen UR attracts more EU projects than any other Dutch knowledge institution. On 1 February 2013 there were already 442 European projects with ­Wageningen input: 239 projects involving DL0 and 230 involving Wageningen University. In second place is TNO, with 280 projects and in third place, the technical university of Delft, with 254 EU projects