Nieuws - 28 juni 2012

Ministry respects decision to unbundle VHL

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation is disappointed that efforts have failed to combine teaching and research among the university, DLO and VHL. However, it respects the decision of the executive board to resort to unbundling VHL, says a ministry spokesperson.

'The decision to unbundle has been taken after careful consideration, judging from all the steps which the board has taken,' says the spokesperson. 'The responsibility lies with Wageningen UR. It now has to implement the process of unbundling in a practical way. The minister will be keeping tabs on the situation.'
The minister has a 'structural responsibility' for green education; this means that one of his tasks is to keep an eye on the accessibility and efficiency of such education. The ministry meets with Wageningen UR regularly. In this way, it will ensure that the unbundling is carried out in a proper way, adds the spokesperson.
Whether the minister will name a new supervisory board for VHL is not on the agenda yet, says the spokesperson. According to the statutes of Van Hall Larenstein, the minister appoints the supervisory board of the applied sciences university. The latter will in turn appoint the executive board.