Nieuws - 10 juni 2010

Miniinterview with Eva Deinum

'I am expecting lots of inspiring talks and discussions'

Who? Eva Deinum
What? PhD student at Molecular Biology and FOM
Where? Is going to the Lindau Meeting
Why? To meet Nobel Laureates
How did you get invited?
'I was proposed by my Graduate School, Experimental Plant Sciences. In the end, it was the Lindau selection committee that chose me. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the lunch for getting to know the Dutch candidates; my boyfriend got his doctorate on that day.'
Which Nobel Laureate do you really want to meet?
'Biophysicist Manfred Eigen. I have heard a lot about his work in the field of prebiotic evolution. He is the man who thought up the error threshold, the maximum amount of information natural selection can maintain given a certain pressure due to mutations.'
Will there be other good things to do?
'There will be people from a lot of different disciplines. I find that diversity very interesting. I don't yet know what the programme will be exactly but I am expecting a lot of inspiring talks and discussions. I am also really looking forward to the closing panel discussion about sustainability and energy.'
A future Nobel Laureate?
'Only a small proportion can go on to win a Nobel prize. The aim of the meeting is to encourage and inspire excellent young researchers. And there is a busy social programme during the meeting. Politicians will be there as well as many famous names. That really enables you to build up a seriously interesting network.'