News - June 9, 2011

Mini-interview with a judoka

Who? Alex Wesker, Animal Management Master's second-year.
Where? The Major Dutch Student Championship in Utrecht.
What? Judoka in the Wageningen team, which won gold at the Championship.
Why? She won all her contests.

Why was your team better than in previous years?
'We had two national judokas in the team. Krijn Schetters and Paula van Dommelen have both won a national championship and participate in the sport internationally. It is really quite special to have them in the team because it gives you some idea of what it would be like to compete in a European championship.'

How did the competition go for you?
'A year ago, I got injured during a match. Now my first contest was against the same opponent as then, which was rather nerve-racking! Luckily it went well and I won all my contests with an ippon. I think that is the most spectacular result so that is always my goal.'

Were you a tight-knit team?
'Yes. You really become very tense when you are watching one of the other contests. When your teammate is on the mat, you find your own body moving automatically with them. When we won the deciding contest with a choke, we all jumped up with joy - the relief was enormous.'