Nieuws - 29 april 2010

Mini interview

'My secretary had to cancel six or seven appointments'

Who?  Oene Oenema
What?  Professor of Nutrient Management and Soil Fertility
Where? Was stuck in China 
Why? The Eyjafjallajökull ash cloud

Have you been affected by the disruption to air traffic in Europe?
'I only got back from China last Saturday, five days later than intended.'

Why were you there?
'I had already spent a month in China. I had been on a study tour with two Chinese PhD students, Wei Qin and La Lin. It was an amazing experience; I saw and learnt such a lot. But in the past couple of weeks I caught a bad cold, which turned into pneumonia.'

Did you miss many appointments?
'Last week my secretary had to cancel six or seven appointments in Wageningen. I have spent the past five days in a hotel room in Beijing, trying to do some work via Internet.'

And your health?
'I have been coughing a lot and I've lost a lot of weight and energy. I have to take things easy now so I'm staying home.'