Nieuws - 18 januari 2012

Midnight at De Bongerd

In summer there was a hit movie called Midnight in Paris. Adventure at midnight is romantic but not novel to people anymore. However, did you ever play sports around midnight, especially an intensive one? I did. After playing knotsbal, aka tampon-hockey, at de Bongerd last night, I proudly added one more tick to my bucket list.

Is knotsbal a sport for all ages in Holland?
My friend Nico invited me as a Jack at a pinch for his knotsbal team since they had a shortage of hands. I'd first like to tell you what knotsbal is exactly. It's a stupid game at first glance: imagine you were playing indoor hockey, but not by a normal stick but a club with a fluffy foam head. And the ball is a small orange-like plastic object. Armed with respective team uniforms, it really looks like eight idiots, mixing boys and girls, running and wielding an XXXXL-size tampon swab on court. It's a bit brainless for you as an audience, but trust me, you will get obsessed when you play. Here is my match log:

The game kicked off at around 23.35, which was my first time play a sport at such a late hour.
After less than a minute, an opponent intended to hit a volley but in fact made the white cap eject from his stick. I cracked up and applauded for his entertaining performance.
I was the first to open the score but at a cost of a hole at the right-knee area of my pants.
I won my fourth goal to equalize the game to a 5:5 match in the 25 th minute.
They stole a last-minute goal to take home the victory with a score of 6:5.

It's pathetic that we lost in this way, but we showed a good team spirit. Hopefully a victory is just around the corner. But personally I don't suggest you do fierce activity the way I did: I failed to fall asleep until 2.30 a.m. and suffered a dizzy feeling in the next morning. Therefore I won't be such a sporty night owl anymore. But if you want to give it a try, no problem, send me an email and I will call Nico to count you in their next midnight game.

Vid of the week: 'Crazy ball' is my own English translation for this sport since 'knots' also means 'loony' or 'crazy' in Dutch. This video is the best evidence for my argument.