Nieuws - 22 december 2011

Meurs disappoints in Beijing

Draughts player Pim Meurs finished with a disappointing ninth position at the World Mind Games in Beijing. 'I was not up to par in the barrages.'

Meurs, a Food Technology student in Wageningen University and an International Master, has been one of the world's ten best draughts players for some time. This was the second time he participated in the World Mind Games, considered as the Olympic Games among mind games. His placing in the event was based on the world cup rankings, where he was fifth.
Rapid draughts
Things started going wrong from the very first competition, says Meurs. 'For the first time in this tournament, barrages were held after the draws. Normally, I'm fine with rapid draughts, but this time, I was not up to par and let chances slip by.' The first round ended to his advantage, but losing the subsequent games cost him a place among the top eight. Afterwards, he won the needed competitions to end up in the ninth position. Disappointing, says Meurs, who had expected to be among the top four. 'I needed this anyway for my participation ranking.'
Meurs is not sure why he did not perform as expected. Not due to the tension, in any case, he says. He hopes to find out why in an evaluation with the national coach. 'I need to approach this positively and view it as an experience that strengthens oneself.'
The World Mind Games were held from 8 to 16 December 2011.